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Gingeneering Billet Motor Mounts for Evo 8/9

Crafted from 6061 aluminum these are the lightest motor mounts on the market! Extreme care and detail have gone into the making of these mounts.


The engine side mount is not only lighter than all mounts on the market but still includes the bolt hole location for the power steering line.

The side transmission mount has been optimized for weight reduction and strength coming in 1.5lbs lighter than the competition.


3 Piece Kit:

The 3pc kit includes 3 mounts; Engine, Front Transmission & Side Transmission. This is for all Evo’s that are looking to increase the performance of their Evo while also shedding a few pounds. Added bonus of a better looking engine bay! On Sale Now: $304.99

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5spd Street resize 300x177 - Mount Kits

5 Speed

6spd street resize 300x157 - Mount Kits

6 Speed

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5spd Side

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6spd street resize 300x157 - Mount Kits

6spd Side

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Front Trans