Battery Relocation Tray

AMER BATT 300x164 - Battery Tray

Gingeneering Battery Tray relocates the battery on an Evolution VIII/IX to underneath the driver’s side headlight.

The battery tray is made from 6061 billet aluminum for strength and reduced weight.

Designed to be used with an Odyssey PC680 Battery. Not included.

  • Cleans up the engine bay and lowers the center of gravity
  • Minimal wiring required. Power and ground wires must be extended.
  • Stainless hardware and color instructions included
  • Mounts to factory locations. For Non-ACD cars only.
  • Wiring not included

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Optimized battery2 300x225 - Battery Tray
Optimized battery1 255x300 - Battery Tray
Optimized battery 1 300x272 - Battery Tray
battery jeff 300x200 - Battery Tray
batt2 copy 300x167 - Battery Tray