Gingeneering Services

Custom Part Design Available

Gear set 225x300 - Gingeneering Services

Evo Transmission Rebuild Service

Evo 8/9/X Transmission Rebuild Available

From mild grinds, to gear and syncro replacement, to final drive upgrades.

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Optimized Faceplated 282x300 - Gingeneering Services

Gingeneering Evo 8/9 Dog Engagement Conversion

Tired of getting locked out of second gear? Upgrade from syncro to face-plated 1-2 for smooth shifts every time!

Face-plating also available for 1-4 with syncro 5th and reverse.

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Battery Tray CAD 267x300 - Gingeneering Services

Custom Part Design

Have an idea for something you would like made? Need help coming up with a design?

CAD design available for part design.

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Gingerneering parallax photo 300x142 - Gingeneering Services

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